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Tidewell Hospice is here to support you and your patients diagnosed with a life-limiting illness wherever they call home. We partner with you and your patients and their families for the management of pain and symptoms. The benefits of our hospice care can result in fewer hospital stays or emergency room visits, increased patient coping skills, improved quality of life and some patients even live longer.

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Advanced Cardiac Care Program

Patient’s in Tidewell’s Advance Cardiac Care Program receive individualized care plans including:

  • Regular visits from a specially-trained nurse. The nurse will work with you to control your patient’s cardiac symptoms at home, based on your orders and those from the hospice team physician.
  • Cardiac education specifically designed for the patient and family.
  • Oversight from a hospice and palliative care physician who works with you and the team on the patient’s plan of care.
  • Medications you and/or the hospice team physician prescribe to control symptoms.
  • Additional support from Tidewell’s social workers, nursing assistants, chaplains, grief counselors, and, if requested, a volunteer.

Signs it’s time to call Tidewell about your end-stage heart failure patient:

  • Patent has edema and/or ascites
  • Patient is experiencing recurrent congestive heart failure at rest
  • Patient is experiencing dyspnea at rest resulting in decreased activity
  • Patient has recurrent hospitalizations or ER visits due to worsening symptoms
  • Patient has other health issues such as kidney disease, lung disease or dementia

For more information on how Tidewell can help your end-stage heart failure patient call (941) 894-1777.

COPD Program

Patient’s in Tidewell’s COPD program receive individualized care plans including:

  • One-on-one nursing for uncontrolled symptoms.
  • Management of symptoms through medications with the goal of avoiding rehospitalization.
  • Implementing COPD hospice protocol to address symptom crisis 24/7 a day with RN & medical director.
  • Creating individualized plan of care designed specifically for end-stage COPD that may include monitoring of weight, vital signs, oxygenation and symptom management.

Signs it’s time to call Tidewell about your COPD patient:

  • Patient has significant symptoms, such as shortness of breath (dyspnea), coughing, chest pain and fatigue.
  • Patient experiences difficulty catching his or her breath or talking.
  • Patient has recurrent hospitalizations or ER visits due to exacerbations.
  • Patient has other health issues, such as kidney disease, heart disease or dementia.
  • Surgery is not a good option.
  • Patient and caregiver could benefit from expert clinical services in the home to manage exacerbation of symptoms with a goal to prevent rehospitalization.

For more information on how Tidewell can help your COPD patient call (941) 894-1777.

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